Get ready for a busy day of panels, discussions and networking. Unlike other conferences there will be no
'death by PowerPoint' - these discussions get you face-face with leaders in the field.

Using the creative production lifecycle as a framework we'll examine each stage of production: the challenges,
role of creative operations, processes and technologies used.

And with the importance of new technologies, we'll drill down on a case study to examine how Hasbro managed
to justify, choose, and deploy a major new system.

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Join and meet other attendee, sponsors, and organizers while enjoying stunning views of Manhattan, food, and refreshments before we kick things off Thursday morning. 

Location: Monarch Rooftop & Lounge

71 W 35th St. 

18th Floor

New York, NY  10001


Thursday, October 6th, 2016

8:30-9:15              Registration, Coffee and Networking

9:15-9:30              Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:30-10:15      Presentation & Panel: Controlling Project Initiation

            How do you control the flow of projects into the creative team and set client (internal or external) expectations?             How do you estimate scope and schedule projects? How do processes like job requests and creative briefs                     interact with client managers, clients, and stakeholders? 

            + Heidi Tuneberg - Best Buy

            + Nicole Alanis - Victoria's Secret

             + Kevin Brucato - Prudential Financial

             + Mike Monroe - Macy's 

10:30-11:15    Presentation & Panel: Create, iterate, and approve

           How do you gather feedback and make it actionable? How do you avoid getting sucked into cycles of re-work                and multiple iterations? Who approves what, and how do you know they did? How can you get to a final                            approved version faster? 

           + Heidi Tuneberg - Best Buy

            + Lisa Price - 3M

            + Paul Nicholson - Showtime Networks

            + Mike Monroe - Macy's 

11:30-12:15   breakout session: Getting from "I need ..." to "Approved" 

12:15-1:15   Sponsored Lunch & Networking

1:30-2:15      Presentation & Panel: making the most of our assets - storing, using, and reusing

                            How do you keep track of what's been produced in a way that it can be reused? What ensures that only the                                       approved assets are stored, and that they're in the right place? How do you make it easier for people to find                                     what they need? How do you encourage and support reuse and repurposing? 

                            + Heidi Tuneberg - Best Buy

                             + Ken Madsen - Diadeis

                             + Hoon Kim - AirBnB

                             + Mike Monroe - Macy's 

2:30-3:15      Special presentation: Choosing & Deploying technology to support the process

          How do you identify and select the proper tools for your team? How do you gain buy-in from teams, and secure             the budget you need? Hear from a leading consumer goods company on their experience using pilot projects to           assess needs, confirm technology, and accelerate deployment and adoption. 

         + Mark Brightman - Hasbro

3:30-4:15     Breakout Session: From "I need a ... tool" to "deployed"

4:15-4:30           CLOSING REMARKS & WRAP UP

4:30                    Cocktail Reception