ConceptShare is a leader in Creative Operations Management and Founder of the Creative Operations Summit. ConceptShare is a software company that focuses exclusively on the review and approval process for creative teams in large companies. We facilitate the “Create - Iterate - Approve” phase by integrating online proofing with workflow automation. We’re experts in our niche, and have extensive partnerships to provide seamless integration with DAM and Project Management vendors including Mavenlink, ADAM Software, OpenText, and NetSuite.





WebDAM, a Shutterstock company, is a leader in digital asset management, changing the way marketing and creative teams manage the world’s brands. Founded in 2005, WebDAM’s cloud-based platform powers the visual content that drives impactful brand experiences, and allows brand-building activities to scale across the enterprise and consumer touchpoints. For more information, please visit, and follow WebDAM on Twitter or Facebook.





Mavenlink is enterprise-class project management, resource planning, and business intelligence Software as a Service (SaaS). Services experts designed this award-winning technology to solve the complex challenges services businesses face while managing costs and margins. Discover how Mavenlink can help you grow profits, one project at a time.






Capture Integration has been serving the world’s largest studios and brands since 2004. Our expertise in studio production hardware, software, systems and processes is second to none,  Our deep understanding of Phase One’s Capture One software and the problems of high volume product-driven photography led to the development of ShotFlow One, a collaborative visual content production platform integrated to Capture One. Capture Integration is a two-time winner of the Phase One Partner of the Year Award, a rare honor reflecting our unique partnership with one of the world’s leading imaging technology innovators.  

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