Take a break, enjoy a cup of coffee on us, and catch up on what happened at the Creative Ops Summit this year.  

ConceptShare, the Founder of the Creative Operations Summit, hosted a webinar to discuss all of the key learnings uncovered at this year's event in New York. 

Whether you couldn't make it to the event, or you wanted the rest of your team to tap into the expert insights you learned while there, this webinar will cover it all. 

  • A detailed summary of what was covered during the panel sessions
  • An overview of what we learned through the breakout sessions
  • Key insights from our panelists on what it really takes to optimize creative production
  • Your own copy of the Creative Operations Management Canvas workbook used in the breakout sessions and a walk through of how to use it

Missed the live webinar? Not to worry - you can access the recorded session here: 


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